Liverpool Upholstery Cleaning

We are experts in professional fabric and upholstery cleaning services in Liverpool and Merseyside. Our specialist upholstery cleaners are fully qualified and have years of vital cleaning experience. We are able to clean most fabrics and restore the upholstery to its former glory. We use a variety of specialist hand tools to protect the upholstery and deep clean in any creases, or button areas.

The Upholstery Cleaner Process:

1. Inspect: the furniture to assess material, construction, colour fastness and the level of soiling and spot stains to treat - the customer is then advised what level of results to expect from the clean.

2. Dry Vacuum: using an exceptionally powerful SEBO filtration hand-held vacuum.

3. Spot and Stain Treatment: using the appropriate cleaning solution.

4. Pre-Spray: our eco-friendly upholstery cleaning solution onto the furniture.

5. Agitation: gently massage the cleaning solution into the fabric.

6. Textile Rinse and Extract: to remove soiling and moisture with a specialist upholstery hand tool from CFR - leaving no dirt attracting residues behind.

7. Dry and Groom: with powerful cold air movers and a specialist upholstery brush to leave fabric looking like new.

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