Local Carpet Cleaners in Liverpool

It is common knowledge that a clean, dry and well-maintained carpet actually improves indoor air quality; acting as a 'trap' and filter for airborne particles grounded through natural gravity.

We provide specialist commercial and domestic carpet cleaning services in Liverpool and Merseyside. Our cleaning technicians are fully qualified and very experienced in the art of professional carpet cleaning.

Our cleaning process is 100% SAFE and EFFECTIVE - our cleaning products are completely safe for the building's and/or home occupants, even babies and pets that spend much of their time in direct contact with the carpet.

We find that most carpet cleaning is conducted for the sake of improving the appearance of the carpet. However we at Carpet Cleaners Liverpool actually define "clean" not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of hygiene, safety and indoor air quality.

Our Carpet Cleaning Methodology

We will visit you to give an on-site quote for the cleaning required. At no point will you be expected to agree to the cleaning and you will be left with a printed NCCA approved cost estimate for all work discussed.

  • We move furniture as agreed in our site analysis visit.
  • We extensively dry-vacuum the area using commercial dual-motored upright vacuum cleaners with full HOSPITAL GRADE filtering.
  • We spot and pre-spray with our eco-friendly 100% natural solution, focusing on walkways, heavy traffic, pet and food spots.
  • We agitate the pre-spray solution into the carpet fibres to ensure it is accepted evenly throughout, and that matted fibres are lifted for better soil suspension.
  • We use the most powerful state-of-the-art equipment to help us shift and extract the soiling and spots from the fibres - our cleaning solutions are all safe, non toxic, fragrance-free (optional) and have been developed specifically for the chemically sensitive.
  • We fresh water rinse to prolong carpet life by eliminating residues that would attract re-soiling and breed micro-organisms.
  • We use 'Air Movers' or 'Whole Room Dryers' to accelerate drying time.
  • We groom the carpet to realign the pile.
  • We reinstate the furniture back into the room.
  • We invite the customer to inspect and approve the finished area.

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