Rug Cleaning Services Liverpool

Rugs are great for adding colour and warmth to any room; however over time those vibrant colours and patterns can begin to look tired and dull. This is usually caused by the rug has collecting soiling over time - Not to worry, our rug cleaning service in Liverpoool and Merseyside can rectify this. We have a small team of rug cleaning specialists in the local area, who are fully qualified and very experienced.

As you may have guessed, we have a a real passion for cleaning rugs; we have the necessary experience, enthusiasm, equipment and chemicals to guarantee stunning results.

Our Rug Cleaning Methodology

  • The rug/s are collected and cleaned at our own purpose built facilities.
  • Colour/Fibre Test - ensuring correct method and solutions are used.
  • Dry (Surface) Vacuum - removing loose soil particulate and open the fibres.
  • Dry (Backing) Vacuum - reversed and vacuumed again.
  • Spot and Stains - treated and removed.
  • Solution Applied - premium quality 'Woolsafe' accredited rug cleaning solution.
  • Solution Agitation - cleaning solution is massaged into the fibres.
  • Rinse and Extraction - purpose built hand-tool.
  • Fringe Cleaning - using a fibre rinse solution.
  • Force Dried - with a series of powerful air movers. A special grooming brush is used to realign the pile; followed by a final quality control inspection..
  • Rug Returned - and presented for approval.
  • Our methodology is the correct way to clean 'wet-cleanable' rugs, however; we do use an entirely different method for non-colourfast rugs.

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